3W135-1 Knee disarticulation Set TITANIUM with 3W035-1

Item number: 3W135-1

Category: All products

Amputation level: AK
Loading Class: 125 kg
Material: Titanium


3W135-1 Knee disarticulation Set TITANIUM with 3W035-1

Set for Knee disarticulation prosthesis TITANIUM with 3W035-1

Containing of:

Quantity Article No. Description Loading Class
1 3W035-1 Modular Knee Joint for kneediasrticulation, polycentric, TITANIUM 125 kg
1 2W070-1-04 Tube Adaptor TITANIUM 400 mm 125 kg
1 2W010-1 Tube Clamp Adaptor TITANIUM 125 kg