2W080-1 Multi-Purpose Joint, Titanium

Item number: 2W080-1

Category: Waterproof


Loading Class: 125 kg
Category: Modular Parts
Material: Titanium
Function: water resistant

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2W080-1 Multi-Purpose Joint, Titanium

Adjustable in both directions, 3 stops each, 15°, 30° and 45°
  • water-resistant
  • Material: Titanium

Available in 2 different types:
2W080-1-01    both ends with pyramid receiver
2W080-1-02    one end with pyramid receiver, other end with 30 mm Ų tube receiver

Article No. Material  Weight Loading Class
2W080-1-01  Titanium  322 g  125 kg
2W080-1-02  Titanium  316 g  125 kg