PUR Rigid and Flexible Foams

 PUR Rigid Foams are two-component...

PUR Rigid Foams are two-component foams with a wide range of application possibilities in the orthopaedic technique as well as in
the orthopaedic shoe technique.
These PUR rigid foams are easy to treat and available in 4 different densities (200, 300, 500 and 650 kg/m³ ).
  • very even, fine-celled structure
  • nearly shrinkage-free
  • long processing time (approx. 2 minutes)
  • quick curing
  • slow rising behaviour ensures better showing of undercuts
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7A200 WAPUR Hard Foam 200

7A300 WAPUR Hard Foam 300

7A500 WAPUR Hard Foam 500

7A650 WAPUR Hard Foam 650

7B153 Hardener for PUR Flexible Foam 150, 300

7B235 Hardener for WAPUR Hard Foam

7W150 PUR-Flexible Foam 150

7W300 PUR-Flexible Foam 300