3K080 Modular Hip Joint for Children

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3K080 Modular Hip Joint for Children

monocentric with internal extension assist
up to max. 45 kg/99 lbs. body weight and 145 cm height


  • for hip disarticulation and hemi-pelvectomy amputees
  • medium stance phase stability
  • medium swing phase control
  • not recommended for children with a higher activity level

The hip joint has a lamination plate on its proximal end, which is laminated into the pelvis and a 22 mm Ψ tube receiver on its distal end.

Adjusting possibilities:
1. infinitely adjustable extension assist spring
2. adduction/abduction
3. flexion/extension

Technical data:
Max. flexion angle: approx. 160°
Structural height: depending on lamination thickness
Material: high-strength, colour anodized aluminum

Additionally carried loads are also to be considered for weight selection.

Article No. Material Weight Loading Class
3K080 Aluminium 228 g 45 kg

Technical Information 3K080

3K080 Hip Joint for Children