4W2022 LITE Liner Silikon SkinTex 2 SOFT Locking

Item number: 4W2022

Category: All products


Amputation level: BK
Connector: Locking
Fabric Type: SkinTex with side seam
Liner Thickness: 3 mm
Liner Profile: Uniform
Material Liner: Silicone Gel
Matrix: without matrix with outside matrix
Mobility grade: mobility class: 1-3

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4W2022 LITE Liner Silikon SkinTex 2 SOFT Locking

Mobility class: 1-3
6 mm medical grade* ComfortSil Silikon Gel
Fabric cover with outer seam

for BK stumps
Connector: Locking (with distal connector)


  • standard with approx. 10 cm matrix
  • high comfort by using approx. 2,5 mm ComfortSil Silicone Gel
  • high adhesion between liner and skin
  • perfect pressure distribution
  • textile fabric for easy donning
  • reduced pistoning by the matrix
  • suitable for nearly all locking devices

Article number grey Article number blue Matrix length Distal Circumference
4W2022-10-16-G 4W2022-10-16-B ca. 10 cm 16 cm
4W2022-10-18-G 4W2022-10-18-B ca. 10 cm 18 cm
4W2022-10-20-G 4W2022-10-20-B ca. 10 cm 20 cm
4W2022-10-21-G 4W2022-10-21-B ca. 10 cm 21 cm
4W2022-10-22-G 4W2022-10-22-B ca. 10 cm 22 cm
4W2022-10-23,5-G 4W2022-10-23,5-B ca. 10 cm 23,5 cm
4W2022-10-25-G 4W2022-10-25-B ca. 10 cm 25 cm
4W2022-10-26,5-G 4W2022-10-26,5-B ca. 10 cm 26,5 cm
4W2022-10-28-G 4W2022-10-28-B ca. 10 cm 28 cm
4W2022-10-30-G 4W2022-10-30-B ca. 10 cm 30 cm
4W2022-10-32-G 4W2022-10-32-B ca. 10 cm 32 cm
4W2022-10-34-G 4W2022-10-34-B ca. 10 cm 34 cm
4W2022-10-36-G 4W2022-10-36-B ca. 10 cm 36 cm
4W2022-10-38-G 4W2022-10-38-B ca. 10 cm 38 cm
4W2022-10-40-G 4W2022-10-40-B ca. 10 cm 40 cm
4W2022-10-42-G 4W2022-10-42-B ca. 10 cm 42 cm
4W2022-10-45-G 4W2022-10-45-B ca. 10 cm 45 cm

Matrix lengths

Matrix length 0 cm

Article No. grey Article No. blue Matrix length Distal Circumference
4W2022-00-16-G 4W2022-00-16-B no Matrix 16 cm
4W2022-00-18-G 4W2022-00-18-B no Matrix 18 cm
4W2022-00-20-G 4W2022-00-20-B no Matrix 20 cm
4W2022-00-21-G 4W2022-00-21-B no Matrix 21 cm
4W2022-00-22-G 4W2022-00-22-B no Matrix 22 cm
4W2022-00-23,5-G 4W2022-00-23,5-B no Matrix 23,5 cm
4W2022-00-25-G 4W2022-00-25-B no Matrix 25 cm
4W2022-00-26,5-G 4W2022-00-26,5-B no Matrix 26,5 cm
4W2022-00-28-G 4W2022-00-28-B no Matrix 28 cm
4W2022-00-30-G 4W2022-00-30-B no Matrix 30 cm
4W2022-00-32-G 4W2022-00-32-B no Matrix 32 cm
4W2022-00-34-G 4W2022-00-34-B no Matrix 34 cm
4W2022-00-36-G 4W2022-00-36-B no Matrix 36 cm
4W2022-00-38-G 4W2022-00-38-B no Matrix 38 cm
4W2022-00-40-G 4W2022-00-40-B no Matrix 40 cm
4W2022-00-42-G 4W2022-00-42-B no Matrix 42 cm
4W2022-00-45-G 4W2022-00-45-B no Matrix 45 cm

Matrix length5 cm

Article No. grey Article No. blue Matrix length Distal Circumference
4W2022-05-16-G 4W2022-05-16-B approx. 5 cm 16 cm
4W2022-05-18-G 4W2022-05-18-B approx. 5 cm 18 cm
4W2022-05-20-G 4W2022-05-20-B approx. 5 cm 20 cm
4W2022-05-21-G 4W2022-05-21-B approx. 5 cm 21 cm
4W2022-05-22-G 4W2022-05-22-B approx. 5 cm 22 cm
4W2022-05-23,5-G 4W2022-05-23,5-B approx. 5 cm 23,5 cm
4W2022-05-25-G 4W2022-05-25-B approx. 5 cm 25 cm
4W2022-05-26,5-G 4W2022-05-26,5-B approx. 5 cm 26,5 cm
4W2022-05-28-G 4W2022-05-28-B approx. 5 cm 28 cm
4W2022-05-30-G 4W2022-05-30-B approx. 5 cm 30 cm
4W2022-05-32-G 4W2022-05-32-B approx. 5 cm 32 cm
4W2022-05-34-G 4W2022-05-34-B approx. 5 cm 34 cm
4W2022-05-36-G 4W2022-05-36-B approx. 5 cm 36 cm
4W2022-05-38-G 4W2022-05-38-B approx. 5 cm 38 cm
4W2022-05-40-G 4W2022-05-40-B approx. 5 cm 40 cm
4W2022-05-42-G 4W2022-05-42-B approx. 5 cm 42 cm
4W2022-05-45-G 4W2022-05-45-B approx. 5 cm 45 cm

Matrix length 15 cm

Article No. grey Article No. blue Matrix length Distal Circumference
4W2022-15-16-G 4W2022-15-16-B approx. 15 cm 16 cm
4W2022-15-18-G 4W2022-15-18-B approx. 15 cm 18 cm
4W2022-15-20-G 4W2022-15-20-B approx. 15 cm 20 cm
4W2022-15-21-G 4W2022-15-21-B approx. 15 cm 21 cm
4W2022-15-22-G 4W2022-15-22-B approx. 15 cm 22 cm
4W2022-15-23,5-G 4W2022-15-23,5-B approx. 15 cm 23,5 cm
4W2022-15-25-G 4W2022-15-25-B approx. 15 cm 25 cm
4W2022-15-26,5-G 4W2022-15-26,5-B approx. 15 cm 26,5 cm
4W2022-15-28-G 4W2022-15-28-B approx. 15 cm 28 cm
4W2022-15-30-G 4W2022-15-30-B approx. 15 cm 30 cm
4W2022-15-32-G 4W2022-15-32-B approx. 15 cm 32 cm
4W2022-15-34-G 4W2022-15-34-B approx. 15 cm 34 cm
4W2022-15-36-G 4W2022-15-36-B approx. 15 cm 36 cm
4W2022-15-38-G 4W2022-15-38-B approx. 15 cm 38 cm
4W2022-15-40-G 4W2022-15-40-B approx. 15 cm 40 cm
4W2022-15-42-G 4W2022-15-42-B approx. 15 cm 42 cm
4W2022-15-45-G 4W2022-15-45-B approx. 15 cm 45 cm


How to choose the correct liner size
a) Measure the circumference of the residual limb at 4 cm from the distal end.
b) Choose the liner size corresponding to this measurement or the next smaller size, respectively.
c) Do not choose a liner whose size exceeds the measurement taken.
d) Never reduce by more than one liner size in order to avoid unnecessarily high compression.

In locking liners, a matrix with 10 cm length is integrated as a standard.This matrix should end below the head of the fibula and must not exceed it, as this could result in problems during knee flexion.