6W903 Terry Cloth Stump Sock for BK

Item number: 6W903

Category: BK socks


Amputation level: BK
Connector: Cushion
Material: Terry Cloth

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6W903 Terry Cloth Stump Sock for BK

  • for below knee stump
  • machine washable at 60 °C

85 % cotton, 15 % PASt

white (W), skin-coloured (H)

Article No. Color Length Kind of opening
6W903-25-W white 25 cm none
6W903-30-W white 30 cm none
6W903-35-W white 35 cm none
6W903-40-W white 40 cm none
6W903-45-W white 45 cm none
6W903-50-W white 50 cm none
6W903-55-W white 55 cm none
6W903-60-W white 60 cm none
6W903-25-H skin-coloured 25 cm none
6W903-30-H skin-coloured 30 cm none
6W903-35-H skin-coloured 35 cm none
6W903-40-H skin-coloured 40 cm none
6W903-45-H skin-coloured 45 cm none
6W903-50-H skin-coloured 50 cm none
6W903-55-H skin-coloured 55 cm none
6W903-60-H skin-coloured 60 cm none