2W023-1 Double Adaptor -TITANIUM-, slidable

Item number: 2W023-1

Category: All products


Loading Class: 100 kg
Category: Modular Parts
Material: Titanium
Function: 1D-shiftable

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2W023-1 Double Adaptor -TITANIUM-, slidable

For an additional translation movement between prosthetic socket and tube adaptor, even if the prosthesis is already in place.
In 2W023-1 a movement of approx. 11 mm is possible.

  • The 2W023 comes on both sides with pyramide receiver.



 Material   Hight Sliding   Weight Loading Class  
2W023-1-45 Titanium 45 mm 11 mm 156 g 100 kg
2W023-1-60 Titanium  60 mm 11 mm   208 g   100 kg
2W023-1-75 Titanium  75 mm 11 mm   226 g   100 kg