2W022-2 Double Adjusting Adaptor

Item number: 2W022-2

Category: All products


Loading Class: 100 kg 125 kg
Category: Modular Parts
Material: Stainless Steel
Function: rotatablehight adjustable

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2W022-2 Double Adjusting Adaptor

The Adaptor 2W022 allows a fine adjustment of mounting height up to 20 mm together with variable connecting possibilities.
The mounting height is adjustable from 100 mm to 120 mm

The variable combination possibilities are given in the connection between:
2W022-2-01:     pyramid and pyramide receiver
2W022-2-02:     2 pyramid receivers
2W022-2-03:     30 mm Ų tube receiver and pyramid receiver

Article No. Material  Weight  Loading Class
2W022-2-01  Steel  297 g  125 kg
2W022-2-02  Steel  288 g  125 kg
2W022-2-03  Steel  367 g  100 kg