Stainless Steel

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2H070-2 Tube Adaptor Ø 34 mm

2W010 Tube Clamp Adaptor

2W012 Socket Adaptor -eccentric-

2W015 Socket Adaptor with pyramid

2W017 Socket Adaptor with pyramid receiver

2W022-2 Double Adjusting Adaptor

2W029-2 Socket Adaptor

2W030 Eingussanker drehbar

2W031 Thread Connection Adaptor

2W032 Thread Connection Adaptor

2W039 Rotatable Socket Adaptor

2W040 Rotatable Socket Adaptor, scaled

2W041 Rotatable Socket Adaptor, infinitely variable

2W047 Lamination anchor with pyramide receiver

2W055 Connection Adaptor

2W056 Thread Adaptor

2W062 Tube Clamp Adaptor set, hight adjustable

2W063 Single Axis Foot Adaptor

2W064 Schraubadapter mit 4-Loch Anschluss

2W065 S.A.C.H. Foot Adaptor

2W090 Double Adaptor

2W130 Lamination Anchor for infinitely variable rotation