2W056 Thread Adaptor

Item number: 2W056

Category: All products


Loading Class: 125 kg 150 kg
Category: Modular Parts
Material: Aluminum Stainless Steel
Function: rotatablehight adjustable

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2W056 Thread Adaptor

for use in AK or BK prostheses
  • Assembling height can be easily determined by shortening
  • ideal in combination with 2W034 Socket Attachment Block or 2W029 Socket Adaptors
  • for the fabrication of a lengthwise and rotationally adjustable prosthesis
  • Can also be used as double adjusting adaptor in combination with 2W053-3 or 2W055
  • with outside thread M36x1.5
  • with pyramid receiver

Article No. Material Weight  Loading Class
2W056-2  Steel 210 g  150 kg
2W056-3  Aluminium 148 g  125 kg