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2W022-2 Double Adjusting Adaptor

2W028 Socket Adaptor with rotation and slide

2W030 Eingussanker drehbar

2W031 Thread Connection Adaptor

2W032 Thread Connection Adaptor

2W034 Socket Attachment Block with lamination disk

2W037-1 Double Adjusting Adaptor, rotatable, Titanium

2W039 Rotatable Socket Adaptor

2W040 Rotatable Socket Adaptor, scaled

2W041 Rotatable Socket Adaptor, infinitely variable

2W043 Dreh- und Verschiebe- 4-Loch-EURO-Adapter

2W055 Connection Adaptor

2W056 Thread Adaptor

2W130 Lamination Anchor for infinitely variable rotation

2W157 Rotation Adaptor