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2K042-3 Socket Adaptor

2K065-3 S.A.C.H. Foot Adaptor Child

2K070-3 Tube Adaptor Child

2K071-3 Tube Adaptor

2W010 Tube Clamp Adaptor

2W011 Sliding Adaptor

2W015 Socket Adaptor with pyramid

2W017 Socket Adaptor with pyramid receiver

2W043-3 Shifting Adaptor

2W025 Double Adjusting Adaptor

2W039 Rotatable Socket Adaptor

2W041 Rotatable Socket Adaptor, infinitely variable

2W042-3 Socket Adaptor

2W045 Socket Adaptor

2W055 Connection Adaptor

2W056 Thread Adaptor

2W062 Tube Clamp Adaptor set, hight adjustable

2W063 Single Axis Foot Adaptor

2W064 Schraubadapter mit 4-Loch Anschluss

2W065 S.A.C.H. Foot Adaptor

2W067 Double Adaptor with angle correction

2W070 Tube Adaptor

2W071-3 Light-Alloy Tube

2W083-3 Universal Adapter Shell

2W090 Double Adaptor

3W060 Modular Monocentric Knee Joint

3W520 Modular Knee Joint with pneumatic swing phase control

5W020 Clutch-Lock Serie 0

5W070 LITE Lock Series 0

5W080 Shuttle Lock Series 0