2W025 Double Adjusting Adaptor

Item number: 2W025

Category: All products


Loading Class: 100 kg 150 kg
Category: Modular Parts
Material: Aluminum Titanium

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2W025 Double Adjusting Adaptor

as connecting element between two pyramid adaptors
  • for distal und proximal angle adjustment
  • allows a better connection for long stumps at low weight.

Article No. Material  Length  Weight  Loading Class
2W025-1-32  Titanium  32 mm  84 g  150 kg
2W025-1-45  Titanium  45 mm  96 g  150 kg
2W025-1-60  Titanium  60 mm  111 g  150 kg
2W025-1-75  Titanium  75 mm  125 g  150 kg
2W025-3-32  Aluminum  32 mm  65 g  100 kg
2W025-3-45  Aluminum 45 mm  80 g  100kg
2W025-3-60  Aluminum 60 mm  94 g  100kg
2W025-3-75  Aluminum 75 mm  112 g  100 kg