3W045 Modular Monocentric Knee Joint for Geriatrics

Item number: 3W045

Category: All products

Loading Class: 100 kg
Category: Knee and hip joints
Material: Aluminum


3W045 Modular Monocentric Knee Joint for Geriatrics

monocentric with manual lock
up to 100 kg/220 lbs. body weight
for geriatrics

  • for trans-femoral amputees
  • low functional level 
  • high stance phase stability 
  • no swing phase control
  • not recommended for patients with a medium and higher activity level

The upper joint section offers, apart from the different connection possibilities,
A) Pyramid adaptor
B) Thread adaptor M36x1.5 mm
a rotation possibility of approx.10 degrees inversion or eversion.
Different modular adaptors are also available as further connection possibilities..

The lower joint section is provided with a tube receiver of 30 mm. The locking is readjustable and can be easily released even under loading.
Due to the back shifting of the axis, a high stance stability is also ensured at a released joint..

Technical Data:
Maximum knee flexion angle: 155 degrees
Structural height: 25 mm(axis center to upper end of thread)

3W313-L/R 36-44 Foam Cover 

Additionally carried loads are also to be considered for weight selection.

Article No. Material  Weight  Loading class
3W045  Aluminum/Steel  380 g  100 kg