2W011 Sliding Adaptor

Item number: 2W011

Category: All products


Loading Class: 100 kg 75 kg
Category: Modular Parts
Material: Aluminum
Function: 1D-shiftable

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2W011 Sliding Adaptor

For an additional translation movement between prosthetic socket and tube adaptor, even if the prosthesis is already in place.

  • one end with pyramid receiver, 
  • other end with 30 mm Ų tube receiver

The 2W011-1 features a sliding of ± 11 mm, the 2W011-3 a sliding of ± 9 mm.

Article No Material   Sliding   Weight   Loading Class
2W011-1 titanium   11 mm   183 g   100 kg
 2W011-3 aluminum   9 mm   158 g   75 kg