5W260 Exchange-Lock

Item number: 5W260

Category: All products

Loading Class: 125 kg
Category: Locking systems
Material: Plastics
Connector type: Clutch Lock


5W260 Exchange-Lock

  • plastic housing with rotation secured pin guide made of -Stainless Steel-
  • for lamination and deep drawing technique
  • with worm gear
  • completely exchangeable through the prosthetic socket

built-in height: 40 mm
(including socket adaptors)

The 5W260 Exchange Lock consists of a high-grade, temperature resisting plastic which, therefore, can be processed in the lamination and also in deep drawing technique. By means of the M36x1.5 thread, the clampable lamination disk provides for a safe position in the socket being unlockable at any time.
The 5W260 Exchange Lock has been developed to enable the prosthesist can easy and convenient change of the inner socket or the locking unit without destroying the definite outer socket. After removal of the release unit, the locking system can be exchanged or replaced by a 5W301 Special Wrench. The lamination disk with inside thread remains in the socket.

Delivery includes:
Locking Body with 5S063 Mechanism, Lamination Disk, Toothed Rack, Holding Device, Dummy, Special Wrench and Patient Key

Holding Device has to be ordered seperately

Article-No. Material Mounting height Weight Loading class


plastics 40 mm 205 g 125 kg