Locking systems

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5S015 Release Unit

5S062 Release Unit

5S230 Lanyard

5S325 Release Unit

5S414 / 5S415 Lamination Disk

5S430 / 5S431 Pin

5S432 slightly grooved Pin

5S434 / 5S437 Grooved Pin

5S435 / 5S436 Toothed Pin for Clutch-Lock

5S507 Thread Dummy

5W020 Clutch-Lock Serie 0

5W035 Shuttle-Lock

5W055 Shuttle Lock

5W060 Clutch-Lock

5W070 LITE Lock Series 0

5W080 Shuttle Lock Series 0

5W260 Exchange-Lock

5W300 Clutch Lock Series 4

5W700 LITE Vacuum Ring


7W257 Valve Body