3W011 Modular Safety Knee Joint

Item number: 3W011

Category: All products

Loading Class: 100 kg
Category: Knee and hip joints
Material: Aluminum


3W011 Modular Safety Knee Joint

  • monocentric
  • with internal Extension Assist 
  • up to 100 kg/220 lbs. body weight


  • for trans-femoral amputees
  • for patients requiring a high degree of  stability if a locked knee joint is not wanted
  • medium functional level
  • high stance phase stability
  • medium swing phase control
  • not recommended for patients with a higher activity level

The upper and lower joint are connected by the center piece of the joint with swing axis and the load-dependent acting brake bushing. This, together with the posterior placement of the joint, secures the stance phase. The swing phase is controlled by an adjustment of the axis friction and the force of the extension assist spring.

Technical data:
Max. knee flexion angle:
ca. 165°
Structural height: 46 mm
(knee center to upper end of pyramid)
3W313-L/R 36-44 Foam Cover

Additionally carried loads are also to be considered for weight selection.

Article No  Material  Weight   Loading class
3W011  Aluminium 708 g  100 kg