3W510-100 Modular Knee Joint with pneumatic swing phase control

Item number: 3W510-100

Category: All products

Loading Class: 100 kg
Category: Knee and hip joints
Material: Aluminum


3W510-100 Modular Knee Joint with pneumatic swing phase control

  • for AK amputees
  • medium functional level
  • high stance phase stability
  • pneumatic swing phase control
  • not recommended for patients with a higher activity level

This knee joint has an outside thread of M36x1,5 mm at its proximal end and a 30 mm Ų tube receiver at its distal end.

This high-capacity pneumatics enables an effective fitting of normal stumps as well as knee-ex articulations.

Due to an excellent and wear resistant bearing technique in conjunction with a compact design, the maximum loading class is 100 kg/220 lbs.

Flexion and extension are separate and also infinitely variable.
Flexion resistance for an harmonius initiation of swing phase.

Extension resistance for an active and reliable extension.

Technical data: 
Maximum flexion angle: 141°
Prox. tube connection: 30 mm
Weight:  760 g
Max. body weight: 100 kg/220 lbs.
Material: aluminum
Activity class  2 - 3

Cosmetic Foam Cover 3W314-30 or 3W315-30

Additionally carried loads are also to be considered for weight selection.

Article No. Material  Weight  Loading Class
3W510  Aluminium  760 g  100 kg

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