3W035 Modular Knee Joint, polycentric

Item number: 3W035

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Loading Class: 125 kg
Category: Knee and hip joints
Material: Steel Titanium

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3W035 Modular Knee Joint, polycentric

polycentic for knee disarticulation
with manual lock
up to 125 kg/275 lbs. body weight

  • for knee disarticulation amputees
  • low functional level
  • high stance phase stability
  • no swing phase control
  • not recommended for patients with a  medium or higher activity level

This knee joint has a detachable lamination anchor on its proximal end and a pyramid with spherical segment at
its distal end. Anterior and posterior linkage bars connect upper and lower joint. In an extended position, the knee
joint is secured by the readjustable lock. Release for flexion is done by the manual lock mechanism.

Technical data:
Max. knee flexion angle: approx. 110°
Structural height: 18 mm (knee center to upper end)

3W314-30 or 3W315-30 Foam Cover

Additionally carried loads are also to be considered for weight selection.

Article. No. Material  Weight  Loading Class
3W035-1  Titanium  644 g  125 kg
3W035-2  Steel  939 g  125 kg